To: Carolyn - May you be protected by a multitude of angels as you work as a nurse to help those in New York City who are infected with the coronavirus.

To: Noel - May this candle and the prayers that go along with it protect Noel. May it adjust things in her family life so that she once again can live in peace. May her family give her the space he needs. As things get calm may Tony come back in a more steady way.

To: Jenn - May this candle attract to Jenn the permanent position that she wants at her company and may it happen by the end of June. May it give her the security and peace of mind she needs. And, may they continue to understand her value. And so it is. Amen

To: Diamond - May this candle and all who pray on it help Diamond at work so that the bullying stops. May Diamond be freed up to be in a work environment that is more peaceful and compatible and may this happen VERY SOON. And so it is. Amen

To: Ann - May this candle bring about healing between Ann and her mother. May the love that is there overcome the pride that prevents her mother from reaching out. May this healing happen with speed so that they both can return to the good.

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