To: Brandy - May this candle and all who pray on it help bring healing and prosperity to Brandy. May she and her son be blessed. May the love of Christ surround and protect her allowing her to be filled with Divine Grace and Love. And may her burdens be made light.

Prayer Shown for 122 Days.

To: Angel - May the prayers around this candle give Angel the clarity and calm mind she needs to help her access the answers she needs to pass her tests so she can graduate on May 25th and join the Army. Give her strength and help her know she is not alone. Amen

Prayer Shown for 210 Days.

To: Noel - May this candle and the prayers that go along with it protect Noel. May it adjust things in her family life so that she once again can live in peace. May her family give her the space he needs. As things get calm may Tony come back in a more steady way.

Prayer Shown for 213 Days.

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