Way back when the internet was fairly new we created a website called The Prayer Shrine, a place where all people of faith could come and post messages and special prayers to loved ones and themselves.


Over the years The Prayer Shrine had built up a great following and we had created some really special features for it that were unique just to it, but when I was laid off from my job and had to relocate I didn’t have the funds to keep The Prayer Shrine running anymore.


Now it’s time for The Prayer Shrine to make its comeback but in a much bigger way 🙂


Currently, I’m working hard on its redesign and programming all of the new features that will make up the new Prayer Shrine, so I hope you will join me in this endeavor by becoming a [Member], and if you wish to make a Donation you can do so through the [The Prayer Shrine] GoFundMe Campain [HERE


-William Anderson / Pastor & Admin of The Prayer Shrine
Email: Contact@ThePrayerShrine.com

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Thanks to the following people for their Donations to The Prayer Shrine: Lisa Love / Clyde Grossman


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