Dr. Lisa Love

Spirituality, love, relationships, creating the ideal life, transforming humanity to become the Peaceful Self are my main joys in life. My training, experience, and education is extensive. That Peaceful Self is who we really are as spiritual beings. There are many paths to help us get in touch with our spiritual presence, but any of us can get there so long as we remember to keep a focused mind and open heart that allows us to call upon spiritual realities to guide us.

When I offer you spiritual guidance I hold you in a compassionate space encouraging you to be compassionate with yourself as well. I also use something I call the Peaceful Self Process where I encourage you to tap into spiritual realities to help you heal.

As for my own spiritual background, I consider myself Interfaith. Though I was raised Christian, I have spent decades immersing myself in the various faith traditions looking for their common themes. If you are seeking spiritual counseling from me my main goal will be to help you awaken to the spiritual love and spiritual power within you. And, I will be very respectful of your own spiritual tradition if you are immersed in a specific one.


  • a psychologist;
  • love, relationship & law of attraction coach;
  • Certification in Spiritual Guidance
  • 30 years of experience as a counselor and coach;
  • owner of 6 degrees in psychology including Marriage Family, Child Therapy, Spiritual Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology.
  • decades of experience as an intuitive;
  • a best-selling author of 5 books;
  • meditation teacher;
  • radio & media personality;
  • syndicated columnist;
  • founder of the Peaceful Self Programs,
  • former dating adviser,
  • founder of Soul to Spirit (which when it was around was the 3rd largest spirituality site on the internet)
  • clients that are internationally based throughout the world.

Rev. Dana Karpain

Dana feels honored to assist people in spiritual counseling sessions and the sacred journey of finding their bliss. He respects all faiths and traditions. Dana listens and works within the guidelines of one’s own faith and spiritual practices. Ultimately, the aim of all spiritual practice is a mind focused on love and light, which leads to a calm mind and a peaceful heart. A calm mind and peaceful heart creates a peaceful body, bringing about a blissful state of being. Dana has studied and practiced yoga and meditation for over thirty years. Dana studied under the yoga master Sri Swami Satchidananda the founder of Yogaville and Integral Yoga®. At Yogaville he was ordained as an Interfaith Integral Yoga Minister. In addition, he was certified as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Dana has assisted and guided many all over the world on their spiritual journey with Dana’s favorite realm being the here and now. Dana looks forward to traveling here with you whenever you wish to remember and rediscover the profound peace within us all. Breathe deeply and enjoy, Namaste!


  • 25 years’ experience as Ordained Interfaith Integral Yoga Minister – Spiritual counseling for singles and couples, goal setting for spiritual practices, weddings, funerals, baby blessings and worship services
  • 30 years’ experience as Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor Taught world-wide
  • Resident Services Senior Staff Counselor – Organized and lead support groups, individual interfaith counseling and spiritual goals consulting at Spiritual Retreat Center.
  • Satchidananda Ashram – YogavilleStudied, taught, practiced and certified in the ancient yoga disciplines of Hatha, Japa, Bhakti, Karma and Raja.
  • Painted Prayers Created a website where I paint sacred geometry, or mandalas, while praying for an individual requested by person commissioning the painted prayer.
  • Extensive World Travel Six continents and over twenty-seven countries praying and meditating at many sacred sites, and with indigenous healers and holy people, provided spiritual counseling and taught yoga and meditation.
  • Couples Workshop Leader Built and reinforced transformation, healing and intimacy between couples.
  • Founder of Quiet Mind Goals Consulting – Setting Goals for spiritual practice, nutrition, diet, exercise, health, relationships and well-being.