An Esbat Evening

On a near mid-summers night
Strolling by the softly-gliding stream
Seeming leisurely and without purpose
A growing sense of anticipation within

The last rays of dazzling radiance from
He who turns the key
Her brother, lover, consort
Reflected brightness from sheathed athame

Sacred space nears, this Witch knows it well
Glimpsing the ivy-mantled slopes
Covered green with many-clustered vines
Of distant hills yet familiar
Arriving with gladdened heart – warmth filled
Welcomed by my Sisters and Brothers
Fire lit with logs of oak – cauldron placed to cook
Close by the blazing flame, pine-boughs laid about

The smell of nectar and ambrosia heighten
The senses of thirteen skyclad figures
Where torch-flames glare through incense clouds
The circle made, thrice about

A gradual advance to the verge of the grove
A platform of rock again rediscovered
While all descry the silvery orb
In the Eastern sky rising

She – that with whom the stars rejoice
Freya, Aphrodite, Isis, Diana, Kerridwen, Aradia
Hearts filled with the touch of her light
Another starry night of the turning Wheel

Silvery beams of love for Her children
fairest light that ever shone
With legs apart, all arms rise upwards
In crescent salute honoring the Goddess

Our hands clasped, the chain begins
To spiral inwards
Tabor beat and pan-pipe sounds
Voices raise a joyous strain

Eko, Eko Azarak…Eko, Eko Zamilak
Before Her in frenzy dance
The Witches’ rune again is heard
Esbat celebrants

The lovely Goddess sheds Her grace
Upon Her worshiping Witches
We return thanks and praise
For love shared and knowledge gained

The seven Pleiads mount the sky
Dawn is near, day is coming
Her loving call is heard
And is seized within our souls

As the Western horizon kisses Her
Awareness intensifies
That it is not I or me or you or us or them
But rather…”I/We/Gaia”

Copyright © Sept.22, 1999 by R. Seldon All rights reserved