Colorado Retreats

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat
P.O. Box 410
Rollinsville, CO 80474
(303) 642-0116

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat is a Meditation and Yoga Retreat Center in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado, offering yoga and meditation programs for all levels, including Yoga Teacher Training, Shambhava Yoga Programs, and Personal Yoga Instruction. Become all new through in a weekend of Yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Shoshoni is an ideal retreat for those in need of rest and replenishment. Our splendid natural setting with quiet high country meadows, a spring fed pond, and majestic peaks enveloped in morning mists contribute to the healing energy of the retreat.

Shoshoni is a residential ashram (hermitage of yogis) and spiritual retreat. Our primary purpose is to assist people in the understanding and experience of their true nature, which is known in yoga as Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being, Consciousness, and Bliss). Our tools are classical hatha yoga taught with an emphasis on breath awareness (prana), meditation to quiet the mind and discover the Inner Self, and yogic therapies, such as massage, to help relax the body and mind so that we can experience meditation.

Shoshoni is a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary, a world apart from the hectic pace of daily life. The beauty and quiet of the natural surroundings reverberate with the meditative energy known as shakti. The resident yogis open their home and hearts to visitors, giving them a personal experience of a yogic lifestyle. We offer private cabins for one which are roomy and cozy with private bath. We have a shared cabin for two or three with private bath. We have a men and women’s dormitory cabin which is shared with other guests, a maximum of 5-6 guests for those wanting an old-fashioned camp style experience. We have a tent cabin without heat or plumbing. And we have a tent camping area which is “bring your own tent”. Vegetarian meals are served.