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Middle Fork River Company
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Sun Valley, ID  83353
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Our mission at Far & Away Adventures is to rekindle your spirit of adventure by discovery. To explore the outdoors with a level of safety, service and comfort surpassing all expectations, and to foster an understanding and respect of a truly amazing resource, this world’s wilderness. No one provides more ways for you to participate in your adventure than Far & Away. You can pilot an inflatable kayak, sea kayak or canoe; or perhaps a bicycle, or a barge in France. Become part of a paddle raft crew, paddle in hand, reacting to your guides commands. Or you can choose to walk a secluded trail or relax in the shade of palm trees on a deserted beach while your guide shares the unwritten history. We are unmatched in giving you so many ways to discover the secrets of adventure.  Accommodations: These vary significantly on the type of adventure you choose, its location, and how long it lasts.  Please call, or visit the web-site for detailed information.