Illinois Retreats

Lotus Living Arts Center at Oak Shores
P.O. Box 111
Walnut Hill, IL 62893
(800) 641-2254 •
(618) 735-2280

Lotus Living Arts Center is a unique blend of education and vacation, a place of exceptional beauty where guests, students and clients find new tools to initiate and sustain a lifelong process of creative personal development. The non-sectarian community of warm and open people here provide space and training for the integration of body, mind, and spirit by presenting innovative workshops, seminars, events and classes. We encourage awareness, foster a contemplative attitude and cultivate a wholesome respect for tradition. We offer disciplines and practices that promote health, creativity, collaboration with others, and a full
exploration of human potential.

Oak Shores is a natural area located in the heartland of America, about one hour east of St. Louis, north of Carbondale, and
south of Champagne. The Lotus Center houses its lakeside studio here amid 320 scenic acres of rolling hills and woodlands. Oak Shores is a small, ecological village in the midst of nature’s bounty: three lakes, hiking trails, an old-growth forest, prairie, savanna, flower gardens, songbirds, deer, blue heron, an herb store, and residential housing are woven into the landscape.

Accommodations Lodging at the Lotus includes four bungalows with a total of 10 rooms.  25 guests are able to stay at one time. Guests sleep in single and double rooms with air conditioning, private baths, and balconies overlooking Emerson Lake.  Camping is also available. The typical weekend yoga retreat price per room varies depending on room choice (lake view, hot tub, and style). Vegetarian meals are served privately or community-style.  Additional fees for private yoga sessions and extra meals.  Week long Yoga Arts programs also available. (Credit cards not accepted).