Iowa Retreats

The Raj
1734 Jasmine Avenue
Fairfield, IA 52556
Toll: (800) 248-9050
Local: (641) 472-9580 

Experience the best of Ayurveda. From transforming rejuvenation therapies to treatments that address chronic disorders, The Raj offers a full range of programs to fit your needs. All of our programs are prescribed by medical doctors and individually tailored to restore balance to the mind and body. As impurities are loosened at each tissue level, the inherent intelligence of that area is stimulated so that proper functioning can be restored. In-residence packages are a minimum of 3 days. A one week
package is recommended for first time guests. Longer stays are available for those seeking enhanced detoxification and relief from chronic disorders. These advanced programs help dissolve impurities and stresses at even deeper tissue levels, including the nervous system and vital organs. All treatments are overseen by our medical doctors and consulting Ayurvedic physicians (Vaidyas) from India. 
Other programs include: Maharishi Rejuvenation Treatment Packages; Extended Chronic Disorder Program; Program for the Development of Consciousness; Royal Beauty ProgramAccommodations: All accommodations are luxurious.