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Creative Health Institute
112 W. Union City Rd.
Union City, MI 49094
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E-Mail: creativehealth@hotmail.com

Thousands of people from around the world have recovered from ‘incurable diseases,’ and others have greatly improved their quality of life through the Living Foods Lifestyle.  Almost fifty years ago, Dr. Ann Wigmore developed a revolutionary method of rejuvenating the body through cleansing and healing with Living Foods.  The cornerstone of this lifestyle was wheatgrass juice.  

Don Haughey, the Founder of Creative Health Institute, was one of those people who has so dramatically benefited from the Living Foods Lifestyle. Thirty years ago Don was suffering from seven diseases and his doctors had run out of solutions. Then
Don began using the Living Foods program. He recovered fully from all his illnesses as well as losing fifty pounds. In gratitude Don opened the Creative Health Institute to make this program available to others. The Institute is now in its 25th year.  During the program we practice no forms of diagnosis, and claim no method of treating disease, leaving this matter up to the life-force of the natural body-mind. Instead, this program is conducted as a detoxification and rebuilding of nutrition that people take home with them and incorporate into their personal routines as they need it, to convert from degenerative life-threatening habits, towards a more healthy, life-sustaining regime. 

Accommodations  We offer several kinds of accommodations including private and semi-private rooms with single baths and dormitory style semi-private rooms where two people share a bath.  The Living Foods program is served for meals. Foods also come from our own organic garden.  We also have an exercise room, a sunroom, and quiet places for you to enjoy.  Rates vary
according to program selected and accommodations choices.