North Dakota Retreats

Assumption Abbey
418 Third Avenue West
Richardton, ND 58652
Local: (701) 974-3315 
• Fax: (701) 974-3317

Assumption Abbey is home to 60 Benedictine monks. Of these, 30 reside at the Abbey; the others are on mission in North Dakota and in South America. Most prominent in the complex of buildings is the Abbey Church, a Bavarian Romanesque structure, designed by Anton Dohmen of Milwaukee and completed in 1909. The impressive interior is delineated by lofty arches. Noteworthy also are 52 stained glass windows, 24 paintings of saints on canvas above the arches, and a huge carved crucifix donated by Bishop Wehrle to the Benedictine Community.

Today the home community of 30 is engaged in a variety of works: ranching, printing, writing and giving conferences, and hosting meetings for churches and other groups in the area. There is a gift shop with Abbey – made woodcrafts and pottery; Abbey honey and wines are also available. Some monks work in administration and maintenance; some are new members in formation; others are elders in retirement – all living together as one community of faith in Jesus Christ, united in love for one another.

Accommodations: We have several facilities available for individual retreats, group retreats and seminars. Our facilities
are simple and can accommodate up to 100 people for meals and lodging. Meals are served cafeteria style in a community dining room.