Ohio Retreats

The Kerr House
P.O. Box 383
17777 Beaver Street, Dept E
Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522
Local: (419) 832-1733 • Fax: (419) 832-4303
Email: NonnaGram@aol.com


The Kerr House is a Health Retreat housed in a Victorian manor in the quaint, historic canal village of Grand Rapids, Ohio. The splendor of the atmosphere complements the outstanding program where only 6 to 8 guests enjoy 5 glorious days of being pampered by a professional staff of 25, from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon. The Kerr House staff works with the entire person, through exercise, nutrition, body treatments, attitude, stress management and self esteem.

A delicious breakfast is served in bed each morning on a wicker tray with fresh flowers and a schedule for the day. A mind-body exercise class is first and last on the agenda each day, working with learning deep breathing and stretching exercises (Hatha Yoga), aerobic exercises on rebounders (no stress on the weight bearing joints), stress management techniques, and the art of
relaxation. The exercise classes are taught by Laurie Hostetler and are often a favorite part of the day, capturing the interest
of people who dislike exercise as well as those who are fanatics. By the end of the week, guests have a realistic, effective exercise regime to continue after they leave The Kerr House.

Next, white terry robes are donned, and body treatments begin. During the week guests will benefit from massages, facials,
reflexology, shiatsu, herbal wrap, body wrap, mud bath, hot oil hair treatment, hot paraffin hand and foot waxing, manicure,
pedicure, whirlpools and saunas. Afternoon activities vary with the seasons and interest of the guests, who also enjoy walks
along the Maumee River. Dinner is served in a lovely oak dining room by candlelight, with antique linens, dishes, stemware and
silver, often to the soothing strains of a harpist. (As romantic as it is, there is no dress code.) The presentation of the meals
served at The Kerr House is outstanding, and only enhances the delicious food. An important factor is that the food is all natural – no processed food, additives, preservatives or dyes. It is naturally low in calories, fat and cholesterol.

The Kerr House can be reserved by individuals, groups of friends, families and companies. It is the perfect way to escape
everyday pressures, rejuvenate, develop good health habits, and have a good time. The Kerr House has been written up in
many books, magazine articles and featured on many television shows, including “Good Morning, America“. It has been considered one of the highest rated spas since its inception.