Prayers – Bahai


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  1. Be Generous 
  2. Blessed Is    
  3. Create in Me O God    
  4. For the Children 
  5. For Our American Democracy 
  6. God the Compassionate 
  7. I Am, O My God 
  8. I Bear Witness 
  9. Illumine Me O My Lord 
  10. Intone In Me Thy Verses 
  11. Light of Thy Love    
  12. O God! Refresh and Gladden My Spirit 
  13. O Thou Kind Lord! 
  14. Rain Down Your Waters of Grace 
  15. The Kingdom of God 
  16. Thou Are the Mighty 
  17. Thy Name is My Healing    
  18. To Thee Alone I Offer Myself 
  19. Unite the Hearts of Thy Servants