Prayers – Buddhism


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    1. Allowing for Our Goodness 
    2. Bestowing Compassion 
    3. Blessing to All Beings 
    4. Bodhisattva Vow   
    5. Devoting Your Life 
    6. Dying a Good Death 
    7. End of Suffering Meditation 
    8. Four Vows 
    9. Four Vows – Zen Buddhist Rendition 
    10. Generating Bodhichitta 
    11. Gratitude for Afflictions 
    12. Guru Rinpoche Mantra   
    13. Heart Sutra 
    14. Honoring Religious Variety 
    15. Laughter in Face of Real and Unreal 
    16. Letting Go 
    17. Loving Kindness Blessing   
    18. May Aims Occur Without Obstruction 
    19. May I Be a Protector 
    20. May I Be a Protector at All Times 
    21. May Our Aims Accord With Truth 
    22. My Actions are the Ground on Which I Stand 
    23. Om Mani Padme Hum    
    24. Prayer for a Good Death 
    25. Prayer of Acceptance 
    26. Prayer to Arouse Mindfulness 
    27. Prayer to End Both Hope and Fear 
    28. Prayer for Dying 
    29. Prayer to Guru Rinpoche 
    30. Purifying the Mind 
    31. Refuge to the Three Jewels 
    32. The Peace of God 
    33. The Sun and Moon Dance 
    34. This Life 
    35. Time to Awaken 
    36. White Tara Mantra