Prayers – Hinduism


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  1. Asato Ma Sadgamaya (Lead Us From the Untruth to Truth)    
  2. From That Which We Fear, Make Us Fearless 
  3. Gayatri Mantra    
  4. I Bow to You, O God Bear With Me 
  5. Let Us Be United 
  6. Look to This Day, For It Is Life   
  7. May All Beings Be Happy 
  8. May He Inspire and Guide Us 
  9. May My Body Become Pure 
  10. O Almighty! May Everybody Be Happy! 
  11. O Almighty! Protect Us All 
  12. O Almighty! You Alone Are 
  13. O Krishna You Are Everything 
  14. O Lord, Most Proper Object of Desire 
  15. O Lord of the Universe 
  16. O Lord, Within Your Body Are All the Gods 
  17. Praise to the Life-Giving Soul of Everything 
  18. Prayer from Mahatma Gandhi 
  19. Prayer for Benediction 
  20. Respect for the Great Religions of the World 
  21. Still Your Mind 
  22. The Highest State of Spiritual Union 
  23. Traditional Hindu Blessing 
  24. United Your Resolve, United Your Hearts 
  25. We Surrender Everything to You 
  26. Wherever I May Go, Lord Nrisimhadeva is There 
  27. With Such a One I Am In Love