Prayers – Native American


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    1. Behold Me and Give Me Strength 
    2. Cover My Earth Mother 
    3. Creator of Heaven and Earth 
    4. Creator Open Our Hearts 
    5. Grandfather Who Has Been Always 
    6. Great Spirit, Help Us All to Love 
    7. Hold On to What Is Good 
    8. Homage to the Wind 
    9. I Became a Part of It 
    10. Immersed in Beauty   
    11. It Is Lovely Indeed 
    12. May I Be in Harmony 
    13. Mother Earth, Father Sky 
    14. Old Women Gods 
    15. Prayer at Sunrise 
    16. Prayer for the White Man 
    17. Restore Me 
    18. Sacred Walking 
    19. Seeking Solace 
    20. Teach Me Great Spirit 
    21. The Sun, Light of the World 
    22. Trembling With Joy 
    23. We Return Thanks