South Carolina Retreats

Nature’s Spirit
455 Quail Ridge Road
Salem, SC 29676
(864) 944-6992

Nature’s Spirit offers individuals, couples and families opportunities to experience simple living and to explore what it means to live in harmony with Nature and Spirit. We expect that each retreatant will have their own objectives and we tailor an experience to meet their individual needs. Part of any retreat would be a participation in our community life style. We invite our guests to participate with us in meal preparation, organic farming activities, peace and harmony center construction and other current projects. It is our aim to enable our guests an experience of the alternative life style we enjoy.

We do not subscribe to any particular religion but do encourage guests to participate in our morning meditation. We have members experienced in numerous methods of meditation, Christian as well as different Eastern religious practices. We offer private lessons in Hatha yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gon by professional teachers who reside at Nature’s Spirit. We can support individual spiritual practices in this tranquil setting and simple lifestyle. Retreats include organic vegetarian food. Special dietary needs can be accommodated if notified ahead of time. Hiking is also available on or away from the retreat center.