South Dakota Retreats

Black Hills Health & Education Center
Box 19, Battle Creek Rd.
Hermosa, SD 577446
Local: (605) 944-6992 • Fax: (605) 255-4687
General Information:

Wellness Center:

Black Hills Health & Education Center is nestled in a canyon valley of South Dakota’s Black Hills. Streams, mountains, valleys, and rocky outcroppings provide the backdrop for a lifestyle center and evangelism training course. The Black Hills Wellness Center offers 5, 12, and 19 day lifestyle programs that are tailored to the specific needs of guests. Many choose to stay longer than the scheduled programs for further benefit. The staff consist of doctors, nurses, an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, physical therapist, massage therapist, hydrotherapist, certified nurses assistants, and a chaplain. This team works together in being channels for the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Accommodations: Please contact them for more information.