Spiritual Meditations

List of Meditations.

  1. A to Z Gratitude Meditation Get yourself into a positive state of mind by going through a series of things to be grateful for using the alphabet to remind you.  
  2. Affirmations and Meditation for the New Year A short but wonderful meditation to help you get into the right mindset to prepare for the New Year and get into alignment to make the coming year all that your highest and best self intends it to be.
  3. Anxiety Relief Meditation  A meditation that takes you on a journey to a dreamlike land, a gentle sea, and a being who will help to take your worries and anxiety away.
  4. At the Center of Your Being Meditation This short meditation includes soothing Tibetan Singing Bowls played by David Jones and a voice soundtrack by Carmen Warrington whose soothing voice helps you relax, meditate and even drift off to peaceful sleep.
  5. Banishing Depression Meditation Move through a creative visualization that takes you out of the darkness into the light where you are embraced by a loving presence who helps you let go of the emotions and circumstances that have weighed you down in life.
  6. Be Here Now Meditation Let go of the past with forgiveness and release the need to focus too much on the future by learning to be in this present moment. As you enter that present moment you touch your eternal divine nature. You will also be able to face change and even death with peace and grace.
  7. Breath of Life Meditation This meditation is designed to help you cleanse and purify various areas of your body (known as the chakras) using the breath.
  8. Breathing to Calm the Emotions Meditation A meditation that begins by focusing on your breathing to bring yourself into a space of calm. After you are in a greater space of peace the meditation helps you focus on a specific emotion for the purpose of breathing into it to help understand it, then calm it and release it.
  9. Clearing Negativity Meditation This meditation allows you to visualize a great spiritual teacher or guardian angel to come into your life to free you from burdens, fears, and obstacles.
  10. Coping with Grief Meditation Set to the backdrop of soothing and relaxing music this meditation by Jason Stephenson leads you on a visual experience to contact the person or even pet that you have lost in order to bring about a deep healing experience. The meditation is suitable for ALL beliefs and religions regardless of your beliefs. It’s about focusing on healing, not dogma.
  11. Cultivating the Witness Meditation This video takes you through a few minutes of practice in becoming the observer or the Witness.
  12. Disidentification Meditation Go through a technique to help you let go of being overly attached to your body, emotions, or thoughts and remember who you really are.
  13. End of Suffering Meditation Enjoy a meditation from spiritual leader Thich Nhat Hanh on how to end suffering in your life and bring more peace into your world.
  14. Entering the Beauty Meditation Give yourself the opportunity to relax, get into the present moment, let go of anxiety and fear, and feel embraced by love. In this healing space you can face unknown challenges, including death, with a sense of wholeness and love.
  15. Guided Light Meditation This meditation helps you calm your body and mind by filling them with light. In turn you spread that light out to the world.
  16. Grief and Healing Meditation In this meditation you’ll work to feel grief in a way that helps you create calm within your body so you can enter a space of temporary relief.
  17. Hooponopono (Forgiveness Prayer) The Ho’oponopono prayer, it is an ancient prayer from Hawaii for healing and forgiveness.
  18. Light Filled Body Meditation Open your heart and receive divine light through every organ, tissue and cell and be soothed into a deep state of relaxation, healing and peace.
  19. Loving Kindness Meditation Develop loving kindness by affirming loving kindness towards yourself, and then in relation to others.
  20. Mindfulness Bell Meditation This calming sound is a wonderful focal point for meditation.  Your mind will become clearer and more calm with each and every bell strike, and as the bells fade into silence, your mind is given the opportunity to experience a very natural state of stillness.
  21. Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness has been shown to be very beneficial. In this guided mindfulness meditation you can learn to be completely present in the moment, letting go of your thoughts and achieving calmness.  
  22. Ocean Sounds Relaxation Meditation
  23. One Mind, One Spirit, One Love Meditation This guided candle meditation helps focus our collective minds and hearts to generate more love, peace, and goodwill on the planet.
  24. Opening to Receive Love and Abundance Meditation A great meditation for those who are searching for love, but have a barrier inside allowing them to receive it. The meditation helps you communicate with your subconscious mind to attract true love and abundance by letting go of fear so that new things can come into your life.
  25. Peaceful Journey Meditation A short meditation reminding you as you return home on any journey to trust yourself to the Kosmos, listen to the voice of love, and return home in peace.
  26. Peaceful Thoughts Meditation Quotes from some of the leading spiritual teachers and thinkers of our time open your heart and make you wonder. Put altogether and you have just the right video to truly get you in a peaceful and uplifted mood.
  27. Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Life After getting into a quiet and calm mind this meditation leads you through a series of positive affirmations to help heal your life and feel good again.
  28. Practicing Compassion Meditation This meditation is preceded by five minutes of introduction explaining to you the benefits of compassion in your life by Nawang Khechog and Dean Ornish, M.D.  Then you are taken through a meditation to help you develop greater compassion for someone you are having difficulty with in your life.
  29. Releasing Anger Meditation This meditation helps you channel your anger in a positive way. It begins with some simple insights into how to handle anger more effectively. Then it leads you into the meditation itself helping you enter a safe place where the anger can be released in a safe way.
  30. Return to Love Meditation Remove the blocks of grief and sorrow so you can return to love. This mediation combines visuals of the ocean combined with rhythmic tones and chanting. Slowly you will experience a softening as the yearning of your heart opens up to the possibility of being loved again.
  31. Self Confidence Meditation One This brief meditation is an energetic series of positive affirmations set to upbeat and uplifting music designed to help build your self confidence and give you greater energy.
  32. Self Confidence Mediation Two This brief meditation helps you release fears, anxieties, and old hurts that prevent you from being more confident in yourself and in life.
  33. Self Compassion Meditation Practice a visualization exercise designed to help you develop care and compassion for yourself. This exercise can be particularly helpful when you are working on making life changes or personal improvements.
  34. Self Esteem Meditation This meditation is designed to improve your self esteem by directing loving kindness to yourself. You are far more wonderful than you give yourself credit for.
  35. Simple Relaxation Meditation As you move throughout your body you will have a chance to relax all your muscles and feel yourself soften and relax.
  36. Stilling the Mind Meditation Set to the backdrop of relaxing music, this meditation allows you to slowly relax your mind and still your thoughts, while gazing at a candle flame.
  37. The Stillness is You A brief film to help you quickly quiet your mind and bring you into a space of stillness and peace.
  38. Stress Relief Meditation Allow your mind and emotions to also relax by moving away from all that is currently causing you stress as you float up upon the clouds and leave all your troubles behind.
  39. Summer Meadow Meditation This guided meditation will put you in a deep state of relaxation and help you to escape for awhile and help you feel refreshed and more ready to take on your day.
  40. Surrendering Fear Meditation Against the background of tranquil music this wonderful meditation gives you the opportunity to surrender anxiety and fear.
  41. The Welcoming Meditation A meditation to help you prepare for crossing over into the unknown, or getting ready to go through the process many people call death.
  42. White Light Protection Meditation Empowering and epic, a voice-guided “White Light Protection” meditation with a narrative designed to inspire, uplift, and protect.
  43. Working With Difficult Emotions This guided practice applies mindfulness and self-compassion to challenging emotions.
  44. Your Ideal Life Meditation See your ideal life. Feel it. Sense it. With this guided meditation “Your ideal life,” you will come face to face with who you are in five years time.