Texas Retreats

Eupsychia Institute
PO Box 3090
Austin, TX 78764
(800) 546-2795 • Local (512) 327-2795 • Fax (512) 327-6043
E-Mail: eupsychia1@aol.com

The therapists and teachers of Eupsychia specialize in soul-based approaches to training and healing using methods that are making real differences in people’s lives. Synthesizing elements of mainstream psychotherapy with non-traditional ways of healing the human psyche we have honed this Soul-based approach to psychology for over 25 years in our work with professionals and seekers.

In Eupsychia‘s programs and retreats, we seek to heal family and personal addictions and dysfunction and to awaken each participant’s spiritual aspiration to embrace their life’s work of service and in turn, to train others to do the same. We seek to aid in the evolutionary shift in mental health work from pathologizing our clients to helping them birth a new and greater sense of self. We see all symptoms of disease as those of birthing a new consciousness – a positive, proactive approach to healing and
well-being. We invite you to stay and explore who we are and what we are doing in helping people to experience deep healing
and meaning and sacred purpose in their lives. 
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