Wyoming Retreats

Antelope Retreat and Educational Center
P.O. Box 156
Savery, WY  82332-0156
(888) 268-2732 • Local: (307) 383-2625
E-Mail: ohmakasu@earthlink.net


Spiritually based wilderness retreats and vision quests allowing guests to understand the relationship between their lives and the natural world. Guests share in a communal ranch life, undergo fasts, learn survival skills and a deeper appreciation of nature.
Specialized retreats also exist for women.  Many teachings are Native American based.  Weeklong and wilderness programs are also available.  No programs during the winter. 
Accommodations 5 bedrooms in a 100-year-old ranch style house; yurt space for
sleeping bags.  Healthy home-cooked meals with vegetarian option. Smoking not allowed indoors.  Rates vary according to program selected. Day rates are available as well.